MISA Summer Meeting 2015 - Virginia Beach - Slideshow

Highlights of the MISA Summer Meeting 2015 at Virginia Beach have been posted as a slideshow and are available for viewing on the MISA facebook page. Please feel free to view the slideshow and use the MISA facebook page as another resource to learn about MISA updates and events.

MISA Facebook Page

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Interstate Compact: NEW YORK MAKES 50!

Interstate Compact: NEW YORK MAKES 50!

LEXINGTON, KY — With the signing of Senate Bill 6887 by Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York becomes the 50th state to adopt “The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children” into law. The new law eases the transition to a new school for children of military families that relocate as a result of military orders.

“Honoring our veterans, service members and military families for their service and sacrifice is one of our highest responsibilities as New Yorkers – and today our state is taking a tremendous step forward in how we support both these brave men and women and their loved ones,” Governor Cuomo said.

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Breaking Ground: Bridging The Cultural Divide

Emily Budd is feeding her pet rabbit when her little brother pops his head into the bedroom.

“Ever since I got the rabbit, it’s like my room is free territory for anyone. I’m like, ‘No, that’s not how it is,’” she says.

Emily, 15, with her rabbit Chloe. She calls it her “therapy bunny.” (Photo by Andrew Katz-Moses)

Emily is a lovely, thoughtful 15-year-old who lives in New Kent, Virginia. Her dad is a lieutenant colonel in the Army, and so her large, loving family has spent several years abroad in South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, and, most recently, Armenia.

“It was like a second home for me. I’m sorry if I start crying, because I haven’t talked about it in a really long time,” she says.

Emily says she learned to look beyond the rundown Soviet-style buildings and appreciate the warm and caring people living inside them.

“I learned Armenian, I learned the customs, I learned to love the people, I learned everything about Armenia that there possibly is to know,” she says.

She says moving back to a rural community in the U.S. was not easy.

“People who have lived here their whole lives are very close knit, and when someone like me comes in who’s been to 23 countries and speaks three other languages, I’m the odd ball out,” Emily explains.

Emily is learning not to say a lot about her travels, but she’s confused by the idea that not everyone would like the experience of living abroad.

“For example, I’ll tell them in Korea, I tried seaweed, seaweed’s one of my favorite foods,” she says. “And they’re like, ‘Eww, people eat seaweed? That’s so weird.’”

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Breaking Ground: Department of Defense Schools

Most military children go to public schools, but a small percentage — approximately 82,000 in all — attend schools run by the Department of Defense Education Activity, commonly referred to as DoD schools.

There are 180 of them across the United States and scattered around the world. These schools are little known to the public, but they may have important lessons to offer for the education system as a whole.

More than 40 of these Department of Defense schools have been shuttered over the past eight years. One of the main reasons is that U.S. bases built overseas during the Cold War have been closed.

An investigative report by The Center for Public Integrity found three out of every four school buildings need extensive renovation or are beyond repair.

Despite these challenges, Department of Defense schools boast high test scores, have high graduation rates and are very popular with military families who make use of them. Many choose to live on base just so their children can attend these schools.

On the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress test, often referred to as the nation’s report card, DoD schools did better on average than public schools on both reading and math tests for fourth and eighth graders. And in reading, DoD students in both grades score at the same level as the top performing states in the nation.

So how do they do it?

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MISA Top Site For Service Members

Congratulations are in order because Military Impacted Schools Association has been listed as a Top-Notch Site for Military Servicemembers, published recently on!

MISA Top Site for Service Members


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